BMW Lines Up New Green Car MegaCity for 2013 Release

December 23, 2010 / No Comments

BMW’s new green concept car Megacity is all set to be released by 2013 and we’re looking forward to it because it is said to be the most radical BMW in decades. It has been revealed that the BMW plans on naming the new range of energy efficient cars from the company under the “I” series.

bmw megacity vehicle BMW Lines Up New Green Car MegaCity for 2013 Release

The first appearance of the car has been set for the Olympic Games in London in 2012. This being the company’s first car under the “green” badge, the forthcoming event has brewed a lot of expectations.

BMW has previously made cars with its Mini E being launched at the 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show and its BMW ActiveE Concept (a 1-Series coupe converted to electric power) showing up at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show.

Both the  cars will have a limited number of pieces being produced, which is around just a 1000. But as for the Megacity, the company had plans to produce thousands and tens of thousands for the market. BMW is said to have signed an investment of €400 million for the production of the I series.

(Via GreenCarReports)