Japan Airlines to Provide Bamboo Wheel Chairs to Differently-abled at Haneda & Oita Airports

December 29, 2010 / 1 Comment

Extending some kindness to the differently-abled, Japan Airlines have offered to provide bamboo wheel chairs to the people who need them. This has come as a great relief to the handicapped, who are most often caught up in confusion when they end up setting off metal detectors at airports because of their metal wheelchairs.

wheel chair Japan Airlines to Provide Bamboo Wheel Chairs to Differently abled at Haneda & Oita Airports

This has forever remained a source of great distress and confusion to such hapless passengers.

The wheel chairs, made entirely of bamboo, rubber tires and carbon wheels, will be deployed at Haneda and Oita airports starting next month.

As of now, the wheel chairs introduced are just a few in numbers. The airlines will increase availability depending on the public response and need.

Entirely homemade, the cost of production of these wheelchairs comes up to around $7,167 and is being made possible by donations made by celebrities.

Famed baseball commentator Norihiro Akahoshi, a former Hanshin Tigers outfielder, is one of those celebrities. He had suffered a spinal cord injury while he was a player.

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