6 Log Cabins Designs for Your Garden or Pool

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Modern Log Cabin 6 Log Cabins Designs for Your Garden or Pool

We found the best 6 log cabins that you could use to spruce up your garden design. Whether you need a log cabin to use as storage space or to extend your home with a home office, these next beautiful log cabins will have your garden looking modern and functional. Some of them are actually made from logs, while other are just designed to have that appearance of mountain log cabins, but all the designs are worth a second look.

1. Log shack

Designed by Thomas Mayer, the Log shack is an amazing log cabin used by musician Hans Liberg to compose and record his music. On the outside, the log cabin looks like a pile of neatly cut logs, but the design features small windows hidden in the design and have shutters disguised as a continuation of the outside appearance.

Modern Log Cabin 2 6 Log Cabins Designs for Your Garden or Pool

2. OLGGA portable log cabin

This is a contemporary design that takes log cabin design to a new level. At one end, the log cabin has a glass entrance, while the rest is covered with long logs. A few small cut-outs insure natural light on the sides and the overall aspect exceeds the classic concept of log cabins.

3. Classic Garden log cabin

Maybe you just need a beautiful little log cabin to keep your tools or gardening supplies. This next cabin is perfect for that. You can even put up shelves and hangers or build custom storage space to fit your needs.

4. Pool log cabin

A log cabin can also be used as an extension of your house. If you need more room for pool related storage, consider getting or building a poolside log cabin. There is no greater feeling than having the possibility to own a private place to keep your sport equipment and maybe a shower near the pool.

5. The guest house log cabin

Modern log cabins come with contemporary features. Maybe you would like for your guests to enjoy your company during the day, but at night, they could have their own small version of your house in the form of a separate guest house log cabin.

6. The office POD

This last design is actually a hybrid between the modern log cabin and a home office. It looks futuristic, but the design is a reminder of its ancestor: the log cabin. The office pod has enough space to accommodate a corner office desk and a chair and it gives the perfect amount of intimacy for your home office.

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