Mitsubishi iMiEV to Drive into Central America’s Greenest Nation Costa Rica

January 3, 2011 / 1 Comment

Mitsubishi i MiEV, the Japanese electric vehicle, is likely to enter the Costa Rican market very soon. Well, this is one much anticipated news, and the hatchback was being awaited since quite a few years now. But the most significant aspect in this regard is that Costa Rica is supposed to the greenest country in Central America, perhaps in the world.

mitsubishi i miev costa rica Mitsubishi iMiEV to Drive into Central Americas Greenest Nation Costa Rica

Hence, the entry of Mitsubishi i MiEV in Costa Rica makes in into the top news as if it is to hit any biggest automotive market in the Americas.

Costa Rican is supposed to have an average environmental footprint is only about a quarter of a typical American’s. It has already set the goal of being the first country to become carbon neutral, hopefully by 2021.

It is learnt that 25 to 50 units of the vehicle are being shipped in. Mitsubishi i MiEV is likely to be priced at $61,500.

(Via AutoBlogGreen)