Solar-Powered Student Pavilion at The Netherlands’ Erasmus University

January 6, 2011 / 1 Comment

Netherlands’ Erasmus University now sports an exclusive student pavilion that aims for zero energy. The design, conceived by Dutch firm Netherlands’ Erasmus University, targets zero energy and at the same time, has made it equally comfortable.

erasmus Solar Powered Student Pavilion at The Netherlands’ Erasmus University

This solar-powered pavilion features a hybrid roof system that captures daylight and solar energy with an array of light-harvesting tubes and thereby making it a light-filled hub for the campus. The unique roof system uses an ‘intelligent solar system’ which directs daylight into the interior. The most significant aspect of this is that it reduces solar heat gain and thereby producing clean energy.

The pavilion has been incorporated with heating systems with passive cooling and state-of-the-art mechanisms. A ground-source heat pump coupled with a radiant tube concrete core does the job of heating and cooling. It also slashes energy consumption.

The circle like structure also stands ahead in its aesthetic aspects as well. The structure as a whole appears like a circle-in-a-box. In fact, this peculiar shape keeps the building open and always filled with light.

This also helps creating an atmosphere required for the students, which provides space to meet and study. The second floor of the building is equipped with a theater, café, and work centers. The pavilion is has got full-story glass façade, making it completely transparent.

(Via Inhabitat)