Gown Using Recycled Rubber Bands Made by New York Architect

January 7, 2011 / No Comments

A New York architect has created discarded rubber bands into an awesome gown. Margarita Mileva, made the “RB Dress”, using nearly nine pounds of the bands. This accounts for 14,235 rubber bands.

Since the creator is  inspired by a variety of art forms, including the work of Swiss-German painter Klee and the early Bauhaus pioneers, this high-fashion margarita mileva rubber band dress Gown Using Recycled Rubber Bands Made by New York Architect

gown has in it, Bauhaus and Paul Klee influences as well.

The Bauhaus movement was founded on the principle of creating a “total” work of art, in which all disciplines, including architecture, coexist harmoniously. The outfit features shapes, volumes, and colors similar to those in Klee’s paintings, particularly The Black Prince and The Golden Fish.

It was originally designed for the Wear is Art competition in Berlin. What is more significant here is that Mileva constructed the dress entirely by hand, weaving thousands of rubber bands of all colors and sizes.

Well, this piece of art bears all advantages and has incorporated all aspects compiled by an architect who have a strong passion for Bauhaus movement.

(Via Ecouterre)