Dubai’s ENOC Brings in Eco-Sensibility into Petrol Stations

January 10, 2011 / No Comments

Dubai-based Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) is attempting to pump in eco-sensibility into petrol stations. The company is doing this by opening new green stations in Emirates Hills, and thereby trying to lessen environmental damage.

ENOC1 Dubai’s ENOC Brings in Eco Sensibility into Petrol Stations

The initiative, a first in the region, aims at generating half of its energy requirements from renewable sources and also adopts sustainable water features that cut water consumption by a quarter.

It provides customers the option to use ‘No-Wet’ waterless car wash system. Saeed Abdullah Khoory, the  Chief Executive officer of  the company , has been quoted as saying that this is not only in the UAE, but also across the Middle East region. This is to encourage Dubai residents well manage their environmental footprint.

ENOC’s green stations  are expected to lessen consumer worries in future. The world’s first green gas station, BP’s Helios House in Los Angeles, was built with eco-friendly materials. Helios House has been the inspiration behind the Middle East company to go for such an effort. The company has already received approval from the Leadership in Energy Design Certification System (LEED).

ENOC’s green station is not completely made of recycled material, but they offer high tech eco-features. It provides friendly engine oils such as PROTEC and VULCAN Green for consumers. This station has a fuel-saving device called Hicione, which helps to reduce fuel consumption and carbon per cent.