Indigo Air Hops On to A320 Neo Fuel-efficient Jets

January 17, 2011 / No Comments

This may be considered as a giant step in the area of greener air travels, but, considering the number of jets in the air, it is noteworthy. Indian airliner IndiGo  has become the first buyer of 150 Airbus A320 neo fuel-efficient jets, and this is regarded as the single largest order in commercial aviation history.

A320 neo jet Indigo Air Hops On to A320 Neo Fuel efficient Jets

It is claimed that the plane is a more environmentally-friendly version of its popular A320. It reduces fuel consumption by 15 percent. It may help the airliner to maintain discount fares. Well, the new deal

Some commercial airlines,  without emerging into the realm of electric planes, fuel cell and solar planes are practicing many greener methods such as testing biofuels and pursuing various emission conservation strategies, such as simply slowing down, reducing loads, changing routes, and adjusting landings to save fuel.

Airbus, at the same time, is “re-engining” their popular jet. It features an advanced turbo fan engine for a more cost-effective fuel-efficient plane. The body of the aircrafts has undergone few design changes and has wingtip devices called “sharklets,” which reduce drag.

Due for take-off in 2016, the neo fuel savings is the equivalent of 1.4 million liters of fuel per aircraft that accounts for 1000 family cars’ used annually.

It will reduce up to 3,600 ton of carbon-di-oxide per year, or what 240,000 mature trees would absorb. Airbus also plans to build an even more efficient short-haul aircraft within the next 15 years.

India’s domestic air traffic grew more than 19 percent last year, with 4.9 million passengers flying in November. This has been estimated by the Centre for Asia Pacific aviation.

Since the rate increases, the airliners switching to greener options may help in reducing the carbon footprints.

(via Treehugger)