Audi Type C e-tron to Arrive for International Toy Fair

January 21, 2011 / No Comments

Audi, making its second appearance in Nuremberg at the 62nd International Toy Fair, brought the Auto Union Type C e-tron study along with a bunch of other innovations. Though the vehicle has a 1.5 hp electric motor that turns the rear wheels and is named e-tron, it is more of a toy than a car.

audi21 Audi Type C e tron to Arrive for International Toy Fair

Last year, Audi had become the first car manufacturer ever to bring a line-up of model cars and new products to the show.  The main attraction of the 2011 show will be Auto Union Type C e-tron study with electric drive. The show will be held from February 3 to 8.

audi11 Audi Type C e tron to Arrive for International Toy Fair

This car is based on the earlier limited edition car model from Audi AG sold through their subsidiary Quattro GmbH. The car is hand finished and made of aluminum and carbon-look material. It can comfortably seat children or grown-ups of up to 1.80 meters (5’11’’) in height. The study is 2.32 meters (7.61 feet) long and 97 centimeters (38.19 inches) wide.

The electric motor produces a peak torque of 60 Nm (44.25 lb-ft) and steadily 40 Nm (29.50 lb-ft). The Audi e-tron reaches a top speed of 30 km/h (18.64 mph) and has a range of 25 km (15.53 miles). Charging can be done through a standard 230V household socket; a recharge will take 2 hours depending on the battery charge status. It also comes with a reverse gear.

Audi is expected to grab  all eyeballs at the show. There will be around 2600 exhibitors and visitors, including journalists, industry professionals, commercial resellers and large-volume buyers attending the show.

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