China Bans Animal Circuses; Warns the Zoos to Stop Abuse Against Animals

January 24, 2011 / 1 Comment

China government has come up with a new animal welfare law that will ban animal performances at zoos and other attractions, and bans zoos from serving dishes made from rare animals. The new law will be encouraged by the animal welfare activists across the country as there are some abhorrent activities existing against the animals there.

china tiger 1805851c e1295886838555 China Bans Animal Circuses; Warns the Zoos to Stop Abuse Against Animals

The law will also ensure that the zoos and parks are providing sufficient food, sanitary housing and medical care for the animals. As per the law, authorities should also keep the animals away from disturbance or irritation.

There are some annoying activities in the zoos and it allows the visitors in the zoos to buy live chickens, goats, cows and even horses and then throw them to the big cats as their prey.

The banned activities also include pulling the teeth out of tiger cubs so that visitors can safely hold them, selling animal parts in gift shops, and serving dishes made from rare animals in the restaurants.

Every year, almost 150 million visitors come to the 300 state owned zoos in China and hazardous animal acts are the main attraction in these places.  With the implementation of the law, there will be an end to the dreadful acts against animals.

Although the law will be welcomed by the animal activists, questions will be raised about the income of the zoos that may have an effect on the life-style of many animals living inside it.

Via: (Ecorazzi)