Urban Traffic Causes People to Fill an Extra 3.9 Gallons of Fuel

January 25, 2011 / No Comments

Post-recession, many people have chosen not to take their vehicles out on the street due to increasing fuel prices and economic turmoil. But the situation is vastly changing and now as the financial crisis is being solved more and more motorists are appearing on the road. This was revealed by a study conducted by Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M University.

traffic Urban Traffic Causes People to Fill an Extra 3.9 Gallons of Fuel

As a result of more motorists lining up on the streets, people spend more time in traffic and more money on petrol which is wasted while idling in traffic. According to the 2010 Urban Mobility Report, Americans had to travel 4.8 billion hours more due to congestion and had to fill an extra 3.9 gallons of fuel at the rate of  $115 billion. This translates to an average American spending an additional 34 hours and $808 in traffic in 2009.

Even worse was the case of drivers in Washington D.C and Chicago, they spent an average of 70 hours in peak traffic losing $1738 and wasted 57 gallons of precious fuel. The Texas Transportation Institute found that Chicago & Washington D.C were the worst traffic hit areas (70 hours) followed by LA/long beach (63 hours), Houston (58 hours), San Francisco-Oakland (Bay area) (49 hours).

As the population increases, more automobiles will be on road. The economy springing back to life will cause more people to take out their vehicles. The need for a better infrastructure has been never so high, we need more public transits, tolls and mass commuting facilities.

The study did, however, find that public transportation facilities like bus and train networks saved 785 million hours of wasted time spent in traffic. This makes it clear that better public transportation methods are the key to saving our, time commuting and planet.

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