Ekranoyacht: Rebirth of the Ekranoplan

January 26, 2011 / No Comments

Jaron Dickson, an Australian designer and student at Monash University in Australia, has come with a hydrogen-powered flying yacht concept. It is called the Ekranoyacht after the famous Soviet Union super vehicle the Ekranoplan on whose grounds it is designed.

yacht1 Ekranoyacht: Rebirth of the Ekranoplan

Ekranoplan was a huge vehicle conceived by the Soviets – it was half plane half boat with short wings. It could skate along the water surface or land using the ‘ground effect’.

The plane would glide over the ground on a cushion of air under high pressure created between the wings and the surface.

yacht2 Ekranoyacht: Rebirth of the Ekranoplan

What the Soviets built was a massive 550 ton vehicle that would be 66 feet above the water level and reach 450 mph with vehicles and troops inside. Known as the “Caspian Sea Monster”, it eventually stopped production after the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

The Ekranoyacht, in the meanwhile, uses hydrogen as the fuel and releases water vapor and hydrogen as the byproducts.

It is a wing-in-ground effect vehicle for permanent residence by 2025 or so. The yacht flies just 4m above the water.

People who want to spent and show some money, sea travel efficiently and smoothly without ruining the nature this would be a perfect buy. One thing is for sure, the Ekranoyacht will be a home away from home for those who own it.

(Via Inhabitat)