Ford Green Plans Gain Momentum

January 26, 2011 / No Comments

The Ford Focus Electric is getting a makeover to make it even ‘greener’. The car will now be built of recyclable and renewable materials. Ford’s product sustainability manager Carrie Majeske has been quoted as saying that an EV is also called a green vehicle, and so Ford has gone ahead by stuffing out the materials used in Focus Electric with eco-friendly ones.

ford Ford Green Plans Gain Momentum

Focus Electric uses eco friendly materials even in its seat cushions made from 8% foam used in about 20 Ford vehicles. Beneath the cloth in the doors, lignotock made from 85% wood fibers are used which gives weight reduction and better sound proofing.

Milk jugs and pop bottles are planned to be used for wheel arch liners, underbody shields and air cleaner assemblies. Oil based plastics in their vehicles are also to be replaced by recycled content in resins.

Ford is looking forward to increasing the use of recycled materials in resins as they already have a plan that brings in a huge quantity of post consumer recycled materials as plastic.

Michigan will get its largest solar power generation system through the joined hands of Ford and Detroit Edison along with Xtreme power. The plant will get a 500 kilowatt solar pv panel with 750 kilowatt energy storage capacity that can store 2 million watt hours of energy in batteries.

(Via BioFuelsWatch)