India’s Mumbai to get the Cybertecture Egg

February 1, 2011 / No Comments

James Law Cyber Structure has been invited by Vijay Associates (Wadhwa Developers) to build an iconic egg shaped construction in Mumbai, India. The highly ambitious project will be done at Plot C70 of Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai; currently the most expensive piece of land in the country.

egg2 Indias Mumbai to get the Cybertecture Egg

The building will be of reinforced concrete and steel and will take the shape (not size of) an egg. The eco-friendly structure will be tilted at an angle for that visual elegance and it will cover 32, 000 sq m and stand 62 m tall. With 14 stories above and 3 below the ground, it does have space-efficiency and certainly will come good as an office.

This “Cybertecture” office building will bring together iconic architecture, environmental design, intelligent systems, and new engineering together to create an awe-inspiring landmark for the city of Mumbai and for India in the 21st Century.

egg Indias Mumbai to get the Cybertecture Egg

On board is the “Cybertecture health” in washrooms which can monitor inhabitants’ health including blood pressure and weight.  If needed, this information can be passed on to a doctor too. The oval office building also has solar panels upon it, to reduce heat and lessen energy requirements.

A garden atop regulates the temperature using natural vegetation. The ‘egg’ shape itself decreases the surface area 10-20% compared to conventional buildings. Roof top wind turbines also helps in self-sustainability along with Greywater recycling system which will harvest water for irrigation and landscaping.

This is the first Cybertecture Office Building in the world, and India will be the location which will nurture some of the new architecture of the future says James Law. Lets all hope that this just the beginning of things to come.

Update: A communication from Wadhwa Developers in India clarifies that the proposed building design does no longer holds true.

(Via WAN)