Solar Pyramids to Power Abu Dhabi’s Homes

February 8, 2011 / No Comments

The project entitled Lunar Cubit develops pyramid shaped solar complex which can develop enough power to thousands of homes. The project is based in Abu Dhabi and the motto of the project goes “Renewable Energy Can Be Beautiful”.

LunarCubit 3 Solar Pyramids to Power Abu Dhabi’s Homes

The idea was first put forth in the Land Art Generator Initiative contest where designers combine art and renewable energy in to an interdisciplinary area. The competing designs must generate enough power for thousands of homes and should be a landmark. Lunar Cubit became the eventual winner.

The design consists of eight solar panel pyramids enclosing a central large pyramid in a semi circle. The pyramids function as a solar power plant producing enough power to 250 homes. The Lunar Cubit could repay the cost of its construction within 5 years through the clean energy that it produces.

The pyramids act as a Lunar calendar with the central pyramid lighting up inversely depending on the phases of moon, i.e. fully illuminated with the new moon. Each pyramid has its own set of energy efficient LEDs. Surrounding smaller pyramids act like the hands of a clock for the eight phases of the lunar calendar, illuminating in different combinations to indicate the waxing or waning of the moon.

Lunar Cubit was visualized by Robert Flottemesch, Jen DeNike, Johanna Ballhaus, and Adrian P. De Luca. This proposed construction symbolizes the moon, generates clean renewable energy and follows the ancient measurement in being proportionate with the Great Pyramid of Cheops in Giza. With Land Art Generator Initiative on the lookout for partnership deed it won’t be long before we see one of these in the land of the Emirates.

(Via Inhabitat)