West Hollywood First US City to Ban Fur?

February 8, 2011 / No Comments

Could West Hollywood be the first fur free city in the U.S? Well that is what the residents and animal rights organizations are pushing for. Anand Ramanathan IDA’s CEO prompted the city council of West Hollywood to ban the sale of fur in the city in a rally at Matthew Shepard Human Rights Triangle Park on Friday.

fur West Hollywood First US City to Ban Fur?

This plea could be successful considering that West Hollywood has a tradition in protecting animals by any extend, as the ban of declawing cats in 2003 along with the sale of dogs and cats within city limits, opting “guardian” instead of “pet owner” a decade ago and being a cruelty-free zone for animals as early as 1989 by passing resolution 558; prohibiting cosmetics testing on animals and the use of steel-jaw leghold traps.

As per IDA reports more than 50 million animals are killed for fur alone. Even buyers who are concerned about the cruelty are fooled, as a recent inquiry by the Human Society of the United States found that the fur trim on a parka sold by Barneys most likely was a coyote’s, rather than being fake fur as labeled.

All this amidst a recent affinity towards fur in the market and an even stronger protest gaining momentum. As a precaution president Barrack Obama signed the ‘Truth in Fur Labeling act’ which requires all apparels made of fur to correctly specify the species of origin. A violation could mean up to $50,000 in fine and 1 year imprisonment.

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