Stars Line Up Against Factory Farmed Pork

February 9, 2011 / No Comments

A new film, Pig Business, looks at how factory farmed pork are developed and supports to end the practice of raising animals in factories as well as better being of ‘farmed for food’ animals. Sienna Miller, Stella McCartney and other stars supporting the film are pushing for a ban on factory farmed pork in Europe.

pig film Stars Line Up Against Factory Farmed Pork

The creators of the film say that pigs are kept in slatted floors with no bedding, against European Union norms. McCartney said that the film alerts the consumers, food manufacturers and government of the misdeeds. She added that even the slaughtered pigs deserved better concern. She pointed out that if the demand stops then the cruelty and harshness towards these animals would also cease.

Miller said that the film depicted the evil side of the global pig farming industry. She said that the film bears its importance in, meat eaters’ responsibility to treat well the animals that they farm. She was of the opinion that pork should be labeled so that consumers in Europe know if it was factory farmed.

The film’s message or the present situation both may be disturbing for vegetarians, but as long as people use costly non-factory produced meat which might not be a ‘best buy’ more people might turn away from meat or meat products.

Here’s a trailer of the film.

(via VegetarianStar)