Folding Bamboo Houses for the Homeless

February 14, 2011 / No Comments

After the devastating earthquake which hit China last May, killing 69,000 and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless, many designers have tried to figure out a way to make shelter for all those people. Ming Tang did just that with his simple idea for folding houses derived from Origami. This design was recognized at a function in this year’s Re:construct competition sponsored by San Francisco’s Urban Re:Vision.

bamboohuts534 Folding Bamboo Houses for the Homeless

The government intended to make 1.5 million temporary homes for the affected, when Ming Tan came up with this idea, it was much cheaper and eco-friendly.

The concept of the bamboo house is basically a series of bamboo poles that are assembled to create a rigid shape. Once the shape of choice has been made it is covered with pre-consumer recycled paper.

These geometric folding houses are easy to set-up on most terrains and is an effective outfit in the aftermath of other natural calamities like floods, cyclones etc.

For now, these beautiful houses are concept but we hope to see them around soon, barring its prerequisite.

(Via Inhabitat)