Fine & Fitted Bangles from Mango Tree

February 15, 2011 / No Comments

These sizzling bangles have on them the vibrant hues of almost everything on the planet. The hand painted ornaments are made from authentic mango trees. Founded by David Aviv and Helen Dukat, Mango Tree offers every single bangle beautifully carved and made into and exotic piece of art.

mango tree bracelet1 Fine & Fitted Bangles from Mango Tree

This line of fitted cuffs at the Mango Tree is made from the wood of mango trees, as mentioned above and is made into beautiful wrist ornaments by the skillful artisans in Thailand. The mango tree is only timbered for use when the tree can no longer yield fruit.

The bangles come with locale-inspired titles such as “Caribbean Islands,” “Vivid Lava,” and “Fancy Peacock.” It comes in four sizes as well ranging from small to extra-large.

It is available in three styles too namely slim, samba, bold. Well, these dazzling adornments are affordable too. The starting price is at $16.

(Via Ecouterre)

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