Nau iPad Stash Made from 100% Recycled Wool

February 22, 2011 / No Comments

Nau has come up with a brand new product, what could be referred to as an outfit for the iPad. Called the Pad Stash, the product is, in fact, the equipment that holds and keeps the iPad protected.

black ipad2 Nau iPad Stash Made from 100% Recycled Wool

The stash is made from 100 percent recycled wool, as claimed by the manufacturer and this as well the very reason which make it stand out as an eco-friendly product. The woolen stuff also makes for a warm and cozy cover for the gadget. It comes in a modern design too.

The stash features a protective flip-close front cover. It enables the user to fold it back and use as a stand for viewing and typing. The product has also got a large window as well as portal cutouts which makes the user capable of enjoying unrestricted access.

The four accessory pockets meant for keeping the passport and credit or business cards and a SIM card slot for easy storage also make the product worth buying.

(Via Ecouterre)