High Investment in Clean Energy Sector

February 25, 2011 / No Comments

The latest report on clean energy quotes the words the head of a United Nation’s green economy initiative on Wednesday and says that Brazil, China and India are expected to fuel global investments in clean energy in 2011 that are expected to reach $240 billion.

clean energy investment billions High Investment in Clean Energy Sector

Well, the news keeps us pondering about the fact that three of the world’s fastest-growing nations are on the forefront in making investments with regard to clean energy but name of the world’s richest nation, the US is missing.

However, this is good news, in many aspects. The Reuters report goes further and says that the UNEP, U.N.’s environmental unit said investment in renewable energy hit $180-$200 billion in 2010 which is much higher from the $162 billion invested in the year 2009.

This rise is driven by the three countries mentioned above. Well, the statement made by UNEP hints the dominance of the three developing nations in the clean energy sector.

Well, we could very well guess the reason behind the increment of investments. As we are all aware of, it is because of the rising oil prices. Sustainable energy is gaining momentum as the Governments of theses developing nations seek cheaper sources such as solar, wind and ethanol.

The latest investment amount seems higher than usual, but UNEP still says that even greater investment is necessary. We could hope that the transition to a cleaner world, with these billion sums, could be achieved soon.