Cargill Plans to Cut Down on Fuel Consumption by Flying Kites!

March 1, 2011 / No Comments

If there’s a will, there of course can be a way too! Cargill, the food and agriculture company seems to be putting the age old adage to practice. The company will soon begin start using giant kites on their ships so as to generate propulsion. And what do they gain? A cut in fuel use by around 35 per cent!

SkySails ship1 Cargill Plans to Cut Down on Fuel Consumption by Flying Kites!

Cargill is joining hands with Germany-based SkySails GmbH & Co to make this possible. Kites made by SkySails are being put into play with this noble aim in mind.

The kites, 320 square meters in size, are tailor made to fly ahead of the ships at a height of 100 to 420 meters. They are controlled technologically with the use of an automatic pod to maximize wind benefits.

By putting into play these huge kites, Cargill will be looking at saving up to ten tons of fuel a day. It is expected that Cargill and SkySails are planning to have it fully operational in early 2012 after the tests are conducted successfully this December.

The kite technology is seen as cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions, and also would significantly reduce fuel consumption and costs, believes Cargill.

A report has quoted a UN finding that “up to 100 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions could be eliminated every year if the SkySails technology were adopted by the world merchant fleet on a large scale”.

Now, that is bound to happen. We guess we need to wait for the tests to get underway to make sure one noble thought is turning real in the best sense.

(Via Treehugger)

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