Tyson Show Incurs PETA Wrath

March 8, 2011 / 1 Comment

Mike Tyson’s new reality series “Taking on Tyson”, which premiered on Animal Planet may have won him good fanfare, but he is getting brickbats too. Well, the second mentioned reaction is from PETA. It has been learnt that the animal rights organization is not that impressed with the show.

tyson bird Tyson Show Incurs PETA Wrath

The show exhibits a racing kind of theme. It, in fact, explores pigeon racing. Tyson, who had raised pigeons all his life, appears as an amateur pigeon racer competing with other pigeon racers. Though the American champion has a life time association with these birds, he never raced them before.

After the telecast of the first episode it earned the dislike of PETA. PETA is now planning to protest outside Tyson’s gated Nevada community in Henderson. PETA Vice President Lisa Lange said in a statement that if Mike Tyson truly loved birds, he would fight for their protection and not force them into a ’race’ that tears them away from their families and subjects them to injuries, exhaustion and death. Animal Planet is yet to respond.

(Via Ecorazzi)