Saffire Resort Displays an Exceptional Eco-Design

March 9, 2011 / No Comments

Saffire Resort, the newly built luxurious resort in Tasmania is a wonder in itself. The major building of the whole complex is made in the shape of a giant manta ray.

Manta ray 2 Saffire Resort Displays an Exceptional Eco Design

Situated at the Great Oyster bay, the resort has got many ecological aspects to its credit. First and foremost, it restores a dilapidated Tasmanian site.  It was once a disused caravan park. Much effort was made for rejuvenating it. The landscapes were renovated and so were the natural ecosystems in the best possible way.

Care was taken to retain all the trees and other existing vegetation while constructing the structure. Re-plantation was done on an extensive scale and protection zones were also established during the construction period. Thus the site was restored to its old grandeur by replenishing vegetation and collecting rainwater for use on the property.

The resort currently runs an active bushfire management program and an ongoing landscape projection program.  It has also undertaken rain water harvesting. Rainwater is collected both on-site and off for use in the resort and also for provision of water in the local township. All buildings are well insulated. They have high performance glazing and efficient water heating, lighting and air conditioning systems, thereby maintaining an energy efficient design.

The design of the resort is conceived by Circa Architecture (which was formerly known as Morris Nunn and Associates). Apart from the manta ray-inspired main building, it is surrounded with other smaller buildings equipped with private suites. Altogether the resort complex draws inspiration from the waves and sandy beaches near to it. The location of the building provides good view of the green, water as well as the mountain tops at a distance.

(Via Inhabitat)