Matali Crasset Creates Living Pods in French Woods

March 18, 2011 / No Comments

Matali Crasset, a Parisian designer, has brought out a series of eco-friendly living pods. The hangouts are places were contemporary artists can spend the summer absorbing the fauna and flora.

green Matali Crasset Creates Living Pods in French Woods

The group of four structures situated at Fresnes-au-Mont, in the forests of France is nicknamed ‘Les Maisons Sylvestres’. The raw materials used in its construction are acacia wood, douglas pine and galvanized steel. The unique shape of a flipped square is such that it only has minimal footprint and does not disturb the forest.

The pods used, shifts its weight on the galvanized steel legs, which means only a small portion of the structure touches the turf.

Hence the living pods do not require any foundation and cause minimal impact to the land and living forms. Each pod is provided with an external cooking space, which can be used to warm up the interiors. The raised platform at the entrance offers visitors enough room to maneuver themselves.

For the last ten years, modern artists from around the world have created such innovations across six forest villages under Le Vent des Forets.

The living pods which are almost completed will be rented out between the months of May and September. The first two will be unveiled next month itself.

(via Inhabitat)