BYD All-Electric Buses to Race Ahead of Cars on US Roads (Video)

March 25, 2011 / No Comments

BYD’s first automobile to hit the US roads could be an all electric bus. The US is set to be the company’s biggest and most important market of all. BYD, shared by Warren Buffet, world’s third richest person, is constructing its US base in Los Angeles. The US headquarters is expected to open by this year end or early next year.

byd ebus BYD All Electric Buses to Race Ahead of Cars on US Roads (Video)

BYD is no newcomer to building EVs, its popular E6 electric car was famously popular and its F3 sedan was the best selling petrol car in China in 2009.

BYD’s E6 is set to be sold in the US by 2012 but before that the K9 electric bus will be launched to the land of the free. The K9 is a 12-meter (39.37 feet) electric bus laid with solar panels on top.

Due to the high cost of shipping the bus might be assembled from LA itself apart from the battery packs coming from the company’s main base at China.

The company claims that using the BYD chargers, the K9 can be fully charged in 6 hours or 50% charged within 30 minutes using the BYD rapid chargers.

The bus gives a range of 300 kilometers (186.4 miles) – 250 km (155.3 miles) depending on the driving conditions. It can reach a top speed of 60 miles per hour. The electric bus is powered by in-wheel motors.

Here’s a video for you: