Think City Electric Car Costs $41,695

March 30, 2011 / No Comments

Want to drive the Think City? The small yet snazzy 2-seater car has been written about as fun to drive in urban traffic. The latest on the Think City front is that the first 100 of the EVs will cost a total of $41,695. Though the actual retail price has not yet been revealed, it’s expected to be around $34,000.

think city Think City Electric Car Costs $41,695

In November, the price of the car before incentives was reported to be $34,000. But that price tag has faded and new price will make you spent loads more of dollars. The increase in the price of the car coincidentally is identical to the federal tax credit of $7,500 for EVs. Indianapolis customers can have the EV for $30,050.65, including sales tax and state rebates, but the federal tax credit is excluded.

Think has already sold out the first 100 units manufactured at the company’s Elkhart facility. The first delivery of the EV in late 2010 came even before the Nissan Leaf. Think is planning to sell fewer than 3000 EVs this year.

The majority of the sales, in the US, have been to organizations and corporate accounts, like in Europe where 80% were bought by fleet owners. The company has 2,500 plug-in cars on the roads globally — which, today, is more than the Tesla (1,500) and even more than Chevy Volt.

The similar sized Daimler’s Smart ED is currently available only for lease at $599 per month, on a $2,500 down payment. Daimler will only produce 500 units of the 2011 Smart ED.

(Via Plug-inCars)