Mini E Fleet Trial Enters 2nd Phase at Berlin

April 5, 2011 / No Comments

The BMW Group, along with one of the leading energy companies in Europe Vattenfall, has announced that the Mini E fleet trial in Berlin, Germany is entering the second phase. With this, 70 electric Minis will be on the road, of which 30 will be going to private users and the rest to the fleet operators.

minee Mini E Fleet Trial Enters 2nd Phase at Berlin

The Mini Es in the first phase are reported to have raced to about 310,686 miles. The trial funded by the German Federal Environment Ministry aims at optimizing charging strategies and promoting the use of renewable resources such as wind and water to power up the Mini Es.

In view of the ongoing trial, 50 plug-in vehicle charging stations have been installed in and around Berlin.

Vattenfall Europe, strictly adhering to its established motto of creating a strong and diversified European energy portfolio with sustained and increased profits is giving excellent support for the project.

As their core focus remains countries such as Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands, the trial gets an additional boost as it is being held in Berlin.

The US, the UK and Germany set the fashion of E field tests in 2009 which was subsequently expanded to countries like France, Japan and China.

Even with three out of four drivers favoring the exclusive use of renewable resources for charging up electric vehicles in future, the idea has not yet proved to be impeccable. However, it assumes greater significance in an era of presumably high ‘energy crisis’.

(Via Autobloggreen)