UK To Fund 542 Low-Carbon Buses

April 12, 2011 / No Comments

In accordance with the UK’s objective of promoting ‘green growth’, the Department For Transport has announced that it has handed over more than £46 million in order to put 542 additional low-carbon buses on roads by the March of 2012.

EVbus UK To Fund 542 Low Carbon Buses

A Low Carbon Emission Bus (LCEB) is the one which satisfies the LCEB target for green house gas emissions. Compared to a current Euro 3-compliant diesel, it amounts to around 30 percent reduction in emissions. The LCEB buses meet Euro V emission (vehicle emission) standards.

European Emission Standards define the acceptable limits for exhaust emissions of new vehicles sold in EU member states. Currently, emissions of Nitrogen oxides (NOx), Total hydrocarbon (THC), Non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHC), Carbon monoxide (CO) and Particulate Matter (PM) are regulated for most vehicle types excluding seagoing ships and aeroplanes. Different standards apply for each vehicle type and non-compliant vehicles are not allowed to be sold in the EU.  However, new standards do not apply to vehicles already on the roads.


The government has instituted various grants as part of encouraging sustainable local transport in the state.  The Green Bus Fund Scheme, which awards grants to bus operators and local authorities to buy low carbon buses, is just an example. The current scheme encompasses 20 bus operators and 6 local authorities.

Low-carbon hybrid electric buses supported by the scheme are already on roads in London, Manchester, Oxford and Reading. The battery-powered buses lend its service mainly in Durham. The new step taken by the government will be a major leap ahead in achieving the set goal of ‘sustainable development’.