Bonuses to Workers Who Recycle!

April 26, 2011 / No Comments

Perhaps, it is the word ‘recycle’ that has gained worldwide popularity more than any other terms associated with environment safety. Unfortunately, many a time the word is hardly put into practice. However, it continues to be the most popular word being reiterated by the so-called ‘environment enthusiasts’.

recycle at work Bonuses to Workers Who Recycle!Finding and imparting the apt motivation seems to be the important factor that puzzles even the greatest of nature lovers. However, we have for you the news of a highly practicable solution for the same.


Does anything motivate you like money? Though there are individual preferences, it is widely accepted that money serves as the source of inspiration for a vast majority in some way or the other.  It is this realization which has culminated in the creation of Sustainability Momentum or SuMo, a software program used to award bonuses!

An employer can monitor energy-saving procedures by installing SuMo to an employee’s workstation. To be more precise, Sustainability Momentum is a desktop application developed by CloudApps, which enables to connect every employee in a company with sustainability initiatives.

The application keeps the employees constantly updated with their carbon footprint making dramatic cost savings easier and faster than ever to achieve.

Additionally, the application displays real-time updates of practical, everyday suggestions for improving sustainability that are sensitive to the employee’s function in the organization.

The employees will be awarded bonuses calculating the contributions they made in energy saving measures like recycling. Proper switching off of lights and computers is also taken into account.

Adhering to its established motto, Veolia, a U.K based recycling company has signed on the program recently. Apart from Veolia, three mobile phone operators and the Ashridge Business School have installed the software. It remains to be seen how many employers make effective use of this pragmatic approach.

(Via Treehugger)