Stephen King Just Loves His Chevy Volt

May 5, 2011 / No Comments

Here, we have Stephen King speaking for you. Before you start burning your mind thinking what, let’s tell you the story. Are his characters more horrifying than the rising gasoline price index? Perhaps not!

stephen king Stephen King Just Loves His Chevy Volt

At least some of you might have heard that the King of Horror spends his winters on Casey Key. Coming to the matter, what struck the green lovers is the news that author is taking advantage of the city’s free EV charging spots powered in part by solar energy.

Stephen King has been reportedly spotted wheeling his black Chevrolet Volt into the city of Sarasota’s new Palm Avenue parking garage. He was there to charge his EV at one of four free electric-vehicle charging stations on the first floor of the 700-car garage. King’s reaction when asked about his love for EV was also interesting, like his books.

He said he just loves charging the car because he feels like saying to the oil cartels this:  ‘Here, stick this in your eye.’ It is like a license to steal.’

It has to be admitted that it is quite expensive at this stage for an ordinary customer to get hold of the EV variants being offered by Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, or Tesla. However, the peaking oil prices indicate that the charging stations will be on full swing in the near future.

The news on King’s interest in the use of the charging stations and plug-in vehicles will definitely help to draw the attention of many into the ‘green movement’.