Synergy Diesel Glider Plane Gears Up for CAFE Green Flight Challenge

May 5, 2011 / No Comments

The Synergy Diesel Glider Plane is all set to take off  at the CAFE Green Flight Challenge 2011. The diesel powered glider plane you see in the picture has a seat capacity of five and 200 horsepower. Still it possesses the efficiency of a glider. Hats off to its wing design!

rsz diesel synergy plane  Synergy Diesel Glider Plane Gears Up for CAFE Green Flight Challenge

Designed by John McGinnis, the 32-foot wingspan contains 144 square feet of wingspan area. Thus it competes with the traditional glider with a 46-foot wingspan, which has only the same wingspan area. It is absolutely wonderful for our green enthusiasts to know that full scale model is ready to compete in the CAFE Green Flight Challenge. right?

As you know, the CAFE Foundation (Comparative Aircraft Flight Efficiency) is a US non-profit aviation development and flight test organization based in Windsor, California, which promotes experimental aviation activities. Sponsored by many organizations including Boeing Phantom Works, NASA, EAA, AOPA and Glasair Aviation, CAFE encourages the development of highly efficient aircraft.

The best part of the innovation is that the designer is not just someone who did it for showcasing his mastery in technical craft. Instead, he seems to be deeply concerned about the people and the environment.

To him, the huge planes jam-packed with people require huge airports and terminals and often smaller cities are simply ignored when it comes to travel by air. No wonder, he advocates for smaller planes with a seating capacity of 20 to 40.

With him, let’s hope that one day the Synergy Diesel Plane comes into the mainstream!