Mexico’s Volcano Soccer Stadium Wears Green

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Stadiums could, in a way, be defined as ‘urban oases’. Perhaps, they are the only spots in our cities where we find such a long stretch of green. Despite this aesthetic appeal, stadiums’ role in the keeping the environment eco- friendly is too limited.  It is high time we start thinking of some real eco-friendly stadiums.

mexicostadium 2 Mexicos Volcano Soccer Stadium Wears Green

The city of Guadalajara in Mexico has come up with an awesome idea. They have unveiled a volcano-shaped soccer stadium that is invariably green with all its enigmatic charm. But the charm is not at all a mere facade of green. Let’s look at it in detail.

mexicostadium 1 Mexicos Volcano Soccer Stadium Wears Green

Designed by French architects Jean-Marie Massaud and Daniel Pouzet, the stadium features an exterior which reminds us of the volcanoes, with the only exception that its power lies not in devastation. Instead, it captures rainwater and processes it through wetlands, which in turn will be used in watering the pitch. The parking garage featuring natural vegetation and energy efficient lighting are also signs of commitment to promote ‘green development’.

As you can see in the pictures alongside, hovering across the mountain is a white membrane that looks like a cloud drifting over the volcano. The stadium, which features a seating capacity of 45,000, was originally created for the popular Chivas team and hosted its first match last year.

The enormously large parking space under the hill side will be open to the public when there are no matches going on. The vehicle entrances and exists are also carefully designed so as to avoid congestion. Can we hope for some eco-friendly matches too?

(Via Inhabitat)

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