Axeon All-Electric Land Rover Defender Could Make You Go on a Green Safari

May 12, 2011 / No Comments

In what could be viewed as a typical example of advancing towards ‘green travel’, Axeon has unveiled an all-electric Land Rover Defender 110 for safaris. It has been conceived to reduce environmental and noise pollution as well.Being Europe’s leading independent developer and manufacturer of lithium-ion battery systems, Axeon has been significantly contributing for the cause of green.

axeon defender Axeon All Electric Land Rover Defender Could Make You Go on a Green Safari

Though Defender has been specifically designed for the game park sector, it brings forth a numerous other eco-friendly features too.

Jointly developed with JLR South Africa, Defender is a long-wheelbase model featuring an extended pickup bed replacing an extra set of doors. Besides, you will find a lithium ion battery in place of a 2.4 liter diesel engine, which means that the carbon dioxide emissions of 295g/km have been reduced to absolute zero. The battery system also incorporates Axeon’s proprietary Battery Management System (BMS), which monitors the battery state, measuring and controlling key operational parameters and thus ensures safety.

So far, the electric Defender has received positive response from Land Rover drivers, including those from the official Land Rover Experience. Moreover, it has been reported have performed exceptionally well on the rigorous and grueling Gerotek test facility.

Expected to be unveiled as a concept vehicle this month at the INDABA tourism expo in Durban, Defender has a range of around 80km with a 20 km reserve range.  Let’s hope that Defender’s silent operation turns out to be an ‘evergreen success’.