Necklaces from Worn Out Football; Recycling Takes the Fashion Route

May 16, 2011 / No Comments

If you thought necklaces are always jewelry that can be made out of valuable metals, think again! A Swiss jewelry designer ‘Noemic Doge’ has come up with a set of unique repurposed necklaces that have been fabricated by sewing up leather hexagonal pieces collected from worn out footballs.

footballnecklace Necklaces from Worn Out Football; Recycling Takes the Fashion Route

The reused item looks like an exquisite design. The series is called “Podosphaïrophilie”—a combination of the Greek word “podosphairos” (football) and “phile” (the art of collection). Every piece carries with it feelings of past.

Noemic Doge  believes that just looking at the new pieces of jewelry gives one the impression that they always have existed. Doge also says her work offers a “richness that doesn’t come from the preciousness of materials but from a visual strength, primitively symbolic of the object.”

The exclusive collection of Podosphaïrophilie set has been exhibited in Geneva, Bern, Solothurn, London, and Amsterdam, and it is currently exhibited at the Caroline Van Hoek Gallery in Brussels.

It’s become a progressive trend to have evince a sheer increase of interest in post-consumer objects. With availability of new materials day by day a whole novel range of products can be created that stand by the unique theme of fashion and beauty. Recycling adds to the charm. What do you think?

(Via Ecouterre)