Formulec EF01, Fastest All-Electric Race Car, Set to Roar

May 17, 2011 / No Comments

The Formula One circuit is shifting gear toward global electric trends. Formulec EF01, the world’s fastest all-electric race car, points to one such possible situation. Built for the F1 track, the Formulec EF01 is a single-seater electric race car that is efficient and can attain high speeds. Most importantly, it sports sustainability properties and has the highest regard for the environment.

F1 1 Formulec EF01, Fastest All Electric Race Car, Set to Roar

This revolutionary racing vehicle has been designed and manufactured jointly by French automakers FCI and South African firm Formulec. Unlike low powered electric vehicles in the consumer terrain, this EV can top out to 60 miles per hour in 3 seconds and grabs a highest speed of 155 miles per hour.

FCI has made use of their experience in connectors to create an ultra-compact connector, the RCS800, which gives a thrust to the car’s incredible performance by efficiently transmitting power from the battery to the electric motor.

An aspiring new, green age of Formula One racing is dawning on us. If this technology is eventually adapted to the production cars, it could even lead to the end of the burden triggered by fuel cars.

F1 2 Formulec EF01, Fastest All Electric Race Car, Set to Roar

With many manufacturers showing an interest in all-electric F1 league, the scene seems to be changing on the racing track. The first electric single-seater race will start in 2012 and will be called the ‘Formulec World Series’.

By 2014 automakers and industrialists who have developed their own electric single-seater race cars will be able to enter the competition.

Hopefully, this new Formulec EF01 electric car racing will inspire faith in auto buffs who dream of an electric revolution on the racing track.

(Via CarAdvice)