Renault Twizy All Electric Vehicle Priced at €6,990

May 17, 2011 / No Comments

Waiting for the Twizy? The all electric vehicle from the Renault stables is set to roll out. The latest we get to know is that the pricing details of the cute little Twizy have been revealed. Sticking to its earlier announcement at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show Europe, the car maker has said that the vehicle will be priced at €6,990.

Renault 1 Renault Twizy All Electric Vehicle Priced at €6,990

The price seems fair enough for this complete electric vehicle, don’t you think? The entry-level model has a 5 hp (4 kW / 5 PS) electric motor and can have a maximum speed of 45 km/h (28 mph). Moreover, the battery is not included with this package which users need to lease out for €45 a month.

For customers who demand more power, the conventional model comes with better specs (with a €49/month battery lease) and also has a 17 hp (13 kW / 17 PS) electric motor which can let you top up to an 80 km/h (50 mph). This again comes at two different finishing – Urban and Technic, which will have a cost €7,690 and €8,490 respectively.

Both the Twizy variants will be powered by a lithium-ion battery which enables the four-wheeler to travel upto 100 km (62 miles) on a single charge. The battery can be charged to full potential in 3-1/2 hours.

Renault 2 Renault Twizy All Electric Vehicle Priced at €6,990

Said to be more agile than a conventional car, its acceleration performance is likely to be that of a scooter. The acceleration will be smooth and silent all the while can outright attain torque maximum up to 57Nm. The Twizy weighs 450 kg – including the 100 kg battery that facilitates for its quick movement and mileage. The Renault Twizy will be ready for customers in Europe to buy, by the end of 2011.