Japanese Workers to Shun Suit for Casual Wear to Save Energy

June 3, 2011 / No Comments

The Tsunami that hit the Japanese coast has left the Asian nation in a shambles. Most affected is the energy infrastructure across the country. Nuke power has been left totally devastated. That also means that Japan is now staring in the face a major energy shortage. A novel effort is being kicks started in the nation’s offices so that energy saving efforts receive a boost.

saveenergy Japanese Workers to Shun Suit for Casual Wear to Save Energy

The government is encouraging people to dress casually for work. The launch of Super Cool Biz has happened based on a concept designed to promote energy-friendly clothes. As per the new initiative, women will wear open-toe sandals and men will do away with ties, so as to help reduce the amount of energy that is used to power air -conditioning systems.

Japanese work spaces will adopt this measure till the end of October. So more offices will see employees come to work clad in t-shirts, jeans and sandals, instead of wearing the traditional suits.

Sounds very novel, right? But then a stroll down memory lane will tell you that the idea was actually conceived back in 2005 when Japan’s Ministry of the Environment began encouraging businesses to help conserve energy by setting air conditioners to 28ºC throughout the summer months.

According to Inhabitat, the Cool Biz campaign wants to make sure that employees could work in comfort in the face of higher indoor temperatures.