Steve Jobs Unveils Spaceship-Shaped Clean Energy Campus for Apple

June 9, 2011 / No Comments

Giving a momentous boost to ‘green’, Steve Jobs has unveiled Apple’s plans for a new clean energy spaceship-shaped campus proposed to be built in Cupertino. As part of this, Jobs and Co. has designed a spherical space that not only fits more people onto the current plot of land, but manages to create 350% more green space in the process.

Apple Clean energy campus 1 Steve Jobs Unveils Spaceship Shaped Clean Energy Campus for Apple

If materialized, Apple’s new headquarters will be marked for its own low-emissions power plant. Further, it will use grid power only in the event of an on site emergency.

The building will be constructed in a way as to hold 12,000 employees under one roof with some of the world’s largest panes of glass sloping around every bend. The spherical shape of the building allows for more windows than a square shaped building and therefore more ambient light. The team has planned to add 60% more trees to the landscape and have hired a top arborist from Stanford to help make sure those plants are all indigenous. A huge asphalt lot has been arranged to minimize surface parking on the space by 90%.

Apple plans to build their own energy center on site that will be powered by natural gas and other clean sources, which will be their main source of power with the Cupertino grid acting as their backup system.

We have for you a video showing Steve Jobs unveiling the plans at the California city council meeting. Can we expect some solar panels on their spaceship’s roof soon?

(via Engadget)