Wrk-Shp’s Raincoat is Typically Green

June 21, 2011 / No Comments

Anyone out there who has never enjoyed the beauty of the rain? But, how about getting wet on it when you set out for something else. Perhaps, then there is no other way than resorting to raincoats, right? Now, just think of using a “green coat”. It is not just the color, but a real green raincoat. Check out.

wrk shp tyvek wheatgrass dress 1 537x402 Wrk Shp’s Raincoat is Typically Green

Isoda’s ‘green coat’ is made of of Tyvek, a recyclable high-density fiber that allows water vapor, but not liquid water, to pass through. Real wheatgrass planted in pockets grows every time you happen to be wet out in the rain. Though the coat appears rugged, it maintains an air of luxury with a 100 percent silk lining and a flattering cut that melds effortlessly with your favorite looks.

The designer frankly admits that it is her observations of the urban landscape that acted as the primary source of inspiration behind this off-beat green innovation. To her, urban cities are one of the few places, where both fashion and buildings coexist. Inspired by sustainable architecture, especially “breathable” walls, designer  Isoda playfully translated green-building principles into something wearable!

wrk shp tyvek wheatgrass dress 2 537x402 Wrk Shp’s Raincoat is Typically Green

“I thought; why not water plants with rainwater if you’re going to be out in the rain getting wet?” -says the designer.

No doubt, the Tyvek coat is an awesome piece of eco-fashion worth checking out in the Wrk-shp’s Fall/Winter Collection 2011.

(via Wrk-shp)