MH-60S Seahawk Helicopter Uses 100% Algal-Derived Jet Fuel

June 24, 2011 / No Comments

If you think helicopters always depend on a spinning rotor to remain in the air, an MH-60S Seahawk will prove you wrong. Let’s see how.

Solazyme MH 60S Seahawk Helicopter Uses 100% Algal Derived Jet Fuel

Solazyme has announced that the US Navy successfully demonstrated its 100% algal-derived jet fuel in an MH-60S Seahawk helicopter test flight in a 50/50 blend with petroleum-derived jet fuel. The mixture used is known as Solajet HRJ-5 Jet fuel. This marks the first military aircraft to fly on an algal-based jet fuel in history. This test flight preceded the historic announcement by ASTM International that it has preliminarily approved bio fuel from algae and other renewable sources to be blended with traditional jet fuel on commercial flights worldwide, with formal approval expected sometime in July.

As you know, Solazyme is a leading renewable oil and bio products company, which has been already on the green front.

Official sources from Solazyme said it is honored to be working with the US Navy and DLA-Energy in driving forward the testing and certification process for advanced bio fuels. The successful flight demonstration of the Seahawk helicopter marks a significant milestone in this process, and reinforces the Navy’s commitment to securing our nation’s energy supply.

As of now, Solazyme is the only company to provide the US Navy with microbially-derived advanced aviation and marine fuel. These advanced biofuels are drop-in replacements to petroleum-based fuel, requiring no modification to engines or military logistics infrastructure. However, there has been no word on how much the new fuel costs to produce or when it might be ready for commercial use.

Check out the video for more details.