Honda’s EV-Neo Electric Scooter Gears UP for its European Debut in July

June 27, 2011 / No Comments

Honda will be unveiling the little electric in Barcelona next month. Given the fact that 30 percent of all vehicles there are motorcycles, the decision seems to be apt. There will be a demonstration program in conjunction with the Barcelona City Council in which Honda will provide 18 EV-neos for a year.

greem Hondas EV Neo Electric Scooter Gears UP for its European Debut in July

The EV-neo comes equipped with a Toshiba SCiB lithium-ion battery pack (the same type that Mitsubishi is using for the i-MiEV). Further, 18 miles of range and tops out at a scooter-like 30 miles per hour. The standard charger will fully charge a depleted pack in 3.5 hours, but an optional rapid charger can reduce that to 30 minutes. The base price for the EV-neo is expected to be 4,000 Euros ($5,750 U.S. at today’s exchange rate).

As you know, the EV-neo is also being used in Honda Electric Vehicle Testing Programmes in Kumamoto and Saitama prefectures. These testing programmes which include motorcycles, automobile and power equipment products based on electromotive technologies will help to test future forms of personal mobility and their potential in CO2 reduction.

Being a battery electric scooter with zero in-use CO2 emissions, it brings forth immense prospects for green.

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