Nissan Leaf Posts Record Pikes Peak Hill Climb

June 29, 2011 / No Comments

The electric vehicle sector is definitely on a high. Agree? If you don’t, we suggest you read this piece of info that clearly states that the electric vehicle segment has got a further boost of confidence with a prestigious feat at the 89th Pikes Peak Hill Climb event. And to top it all, Nissan Leaf rode in to history with the veteran Nissan racing champion Chad Hord at the wheel.

leaf Nissan Leaf Posts Record Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Nissan has set the record for being the first of its kind crossing the finishing line at 14,110 feet in the Hill Climb’s electric production vehicle class. The Hill Climb race had featured two EVs this year.

The Leaf easily sprinted on the hill route along 12.42 miles in 14 minutes 33 seconds.

Contrary to common belief that the EV was smooth in its ride, the Leaf swished through tough curves and corners like a pro. On reaching the 14,110-foot summit, Nissan’s electric vehicle was least exhausted of power  and post-race, driver veteran Nissan off-road truck racing champion Hord was heard saying:

The Leaf was great fun to drive up the mountain. With the instant torque from the electric motor we were able to jump out of the many slow corners and the performance was very consistent from the bottom to the top since the electric motor wasn’t affected by the high altitude near the summit like the gasoline powered cars.

With a production EV extracting this much performance in thus event we are hopeful about the future of green motoring initiatives.