Jojo Sneakers Strike an Eco-friendly Point with Carrier Pigeon Idea [Video]

July 8, 2011 / No Comments

Christoph Nagel and Matthieu Vaxelaire are in no mood to allow us to stereotype their Jojo brand of sneakers. In an extreme show of concern for the nature, they have gone in for a novel idea to deliver the sneakers.

Jojo Uses Carrier Pigeons 1 Jojo Sneakers Strike an Eco friendly Point with Carrier Pigeon Idea [Video]

The sneaker brand has appealed to ecologists and animal lovers alike, though not essentially on the same spirits. The makers are, in fact, implementing a pollution free and economical way to deliver their shoes in a way you would not imagine, via a pigeon! Those who have already started fantasizing on getting a pigeon deliver your shoe package, its time to click the stop button.

Carrier pigeons haven’t been used after World War II .The video we have for you just explores the curiosity of the act than its functionality. The message is that any business can be eco-friendly.  It’s appreciable that more brands are becoming aware and are enthusiastic about installing a linkage to their product with ecology.

Jojo Uses Carrier Pigeons 2 Jojo Sneakers Strike an Eco friendly Point with Carrier Pigeon Idea [Video]

Jojo has a tie up with two nonprofits organizations, namely Tree-Nation, a social network dedicated to fighting climate change, and The Water Project, which builds wells and rainwater filtration systems in Kenya, Sudan, Sierra Leone, and India. They are both part of United Nations Millennium Project action scheme with tangible targets for 2015.

Jojo was conceived in 2008, and it is doing its bit for the environment. What do you think about this?