Brazil Leaps Ahead with Ambitious Wind Energy Strategy

July 12, 2011 / No Comments

It seems to be celebration time for all those green enthusiasts over there in Brazil. The nation has made a remarkable achievement in its foray into the renewable energy scene.

wind turbines brazil Brazil Leaps Ahead with Ambitious Wind Energy Strategy

The milestone of 1 gigawatt energy (enough to power 1.5 million homes) was surpassed recently by the wind power sector there.

This comes across as a first for South America even as it struggles to keep its ambitious pledge toward reduction in carbon emissions.

At present, Brazil has as many as 51 wind farms across the country and over 30 more are under development. Brazil’s achievement is highly appreciable though the nation will have to keep up the current tempo to garner its full potential soon.

It is common knowledge that wind power forms only 1 percent of the total energy requirements of the nation whose major source of electricity is hydroelectric installations.

The land-clearing required to build Hydro projects in Brazil had led to international protest.

The Brazilian Association of Ecological Energy ABEEolica has plans to produce around 5.3 gigawatts of electricity through wind farm projects by 2013.

They have also designed a blue print for an eight-fold increase in capacity over next five years. Large strips of land are still left unexplored in Brazil due to the high demands of cost of development. The administration has now welcomed  more wind farms throughout Brazil.

Efforts to garner private funds from household and international companies to run 429 wind energy projects are currently on.

We hope and wish Brazil’s ambition to reduce the CO2 emissions 39 percent by 2020 would meet with huge success.