Hydrogen-Fuelled Racing Car Forze IV Ready to Hit the Track

July 13, 2011 / No Comments

July 9th was not just another day for the environmentalists and students at Delfts University of Technology. For, it was this day that they uncovered the foremost student-designed and built hydrogen racing car in The Hague. Christened ‘Forze IV’’ , this very novel and eco friendly concept was made into reality by the students at of the university based in The Netherlands.

Forze IV hydrogen1 Hydrogen Fuelled Racing Car Forze IV Ready to Hit the Track

The new car will be participant of the upcoming Formula Student; a race between 500 cars wholly-made by students across the globe. The Forze IV will be the first and only car power-driven by a hydrogen fuel cell in the race.

It is a known fact that the hydrogen fuel cell mechanism integrated will provide the electricity to the motor and also emission will be the only byproduct of the reaction within the engine – water. The new car is the first of its size to be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, and will have a maximum speed of 120 km per hour. Does that remind you of a Porsche?

Forze IV hydrogen Hydrogen Fuelled Racing Car Forze IV Ready to Hit the Track

A team of 50 students worked for the development of the car for a period of 3 years. They garnered experiences with hydrogen fuel-cell powered automobiles, and also used their expertise in their previous attempts which are more like go-carts than racing cars.

And finally they reached the pinnacle position with the Forze IV that uses a sophisticated suspension, a race car-akin streamlined torso and a new hydrogen fuel cell that was designed completely by the students involved.