Mitsubishi Solar-Powered Charging Station Up and Running

July 15, 2011 / No Comments

Every top automaker seems to be making an electric version. But Mitsubishi has done something different and relevant. On the 7th of this month, Mitsubishi presented before the world its solar-powered charging station located at its headquarters in Cypress, CA.

mitsubishi cypress charging station Mitsubishi Solar Powered Charging Station Up and Running

This venture has its relevance manifold because implementing viable charging stations for EVs is as important as its manufacturing. Also, considering that the Mitsubishi CHAdeMO compatible ‘Mitsubishi i’ will be hitting the markets in November, the carmaker would want the country to be EV ready. The fact that the facility is supported by solar energy provides a boost to its green side and economic viability.

The latest charging station in Cypress can charge 4 vehicles at once. It has 3 types of chargers – two 110-volt ports (22 hours), one 220-volt plug-in point (6 hours) and a single CHAdeMO quick-charge setup (up to 80% in 25 minutes). The station will be open to the common man.

Mitsubishi believes that any general plug-in vehicle owner will be allowed to park in and charge up their batteries free of cost.

The twin arch structure solar station has been designed by California Green Designs. The Eaton Corporation manufactured DC Quick Charger installed here is the first archetype CHAdeMO Quick Charger licensed in the US for sale and public utility.

Remarkably, the solar array consists of 96, 175-watt photovoltaic modules produced by Mitsubishi Electric. We can expect more charging stations as electric vehicles get popular.