Fabrics Made Out of Milk; Are You Getting Yours? [Video]

July 28, 2011 / 1 Comment

Any guesses on what kind of raw material goes into the extremely talented Ande Domaske’s new fabrics? Quite surprisingly, this 28-year-old German microbiologist has created a new fabric from milk. Thanks to her background in biology, she has been able to devise exquisite designs based on milk.

milkdress2 Fabrics Made Out of Milk; Are You Getting Yours? [Video]

The new creations are in fact being discussed with awe. Though there are concerns about the use of milk in the making of fabrics owing to the fact that it has a hefty carbon footprint, the good part about this is that the fiber is spun from milk that is declared substandard and is usually thrown out.

By making use of this ‘substandard’ milk Domaske has actually cut down on food waste. The fabrics are made out of milk that is dairy waste. So that means it’s the turn of cloth fabric to cut down on food waste.

milkdress Fabrics Made Out of Milk; Are You Getting Yours? [Video]

Despite coming from the sour milk, the fabric is smooth as silk. Though we cannot classify this to be entirely green product as the dairy industry is responsible for roughly 4 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, this innovation indeed comes with a green quotient as it utilizes what otherwise would have been waste.

So, if you are keen on picking one of those milk dresses, let us tell you the prices start at $300. Tell us if you are getting yours.