Zero-Waste Garments Take Shape Sans Any Stitch

August 3, 2011 / No Comments

We have witnessed landmark cloth designs in the past. Fashion designers don’t seem to have to set boundaries for their creativity when they play with fabric, needle and thread.

Lee Molds Fibers into Zero Waste 5 Zero Waste Garments Take Shape Sans Any Stitch
Jungeun Lee, a textile student from the Royal College of Art, has thought ‘out of the box’ to initiate a new style in cloth designing. She has changed the scenario altogether and has come up with a bunch of ‘Wrapped Garments’.

Lee has cast synthetic fiber on a body structure to bring out the desired silhouette, and in the process has got rid of the tiresome cutting or sewing process otherwise needed.

Lee Molds Fibers into Zero Waste 1 Zero Waste Garments Take Shape Sans Any Stitch

It seems like something primitive homo-sapiens must have done. Lee has put to play high temperature to make the tangled yarn fuse into three-dimensional wearable life-size mannequins. Clean lines, decisive shapes and startling curves are the result.

Lee’s materials are petroleum-based. But that doesn’t make her process less noteworthy. The clothes designed fairly in a free form, than through extensive deliberation as in the case of conventional methods, save time and resources.


Lee allows the fiber to shroud itself into the curves of the mold and thus reduce waste to laudable levels.

The result of this innovation has come about as astonishing. A wide range of designs including latticework dresses, tunics, jackets, and even shoes are made in a visually pleasing and original manner. Take a look at the images posted along side and you will agree with what we feel.