Solar Farms from Unused Rice Paddies, the Japanese Way

August 4, 2011 / No Comments

Here’s something highly laudable. Masayoshi Son, President of Softbank Corporation is doing his share to save Japan from the power crisis after the recent unfortunate disasters hit his nation. He is ready with a blueprint for transforming 1.3 million acres of unused rice paddies into solar farms.

Rice Paddy Solar Farm Solar Farms from Unused Rice Paddies, the Japanese Way

Since the March 11th earthquake, Tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear disaster that followed, Japan had been staring in the face of bad times.

However, Son started thinking on the project and he realized that 50 million KW energy produced by the Tokyo Electric Power Company can be substituted by just utilizing 20% of Japan’s unused rice paddies into solar farms.

This idea, in a way, can bring in more advantages as well. One main relief will be for the farmers who have been rendered helpless witnessing the reduction of rice paddy.

Plans for implementation of a solar power accumulator could procure these farmers with new jobs and fresh income, along with ensuring a bright future in the clean energy domain.

Challenges are waiting in the way of Son and Softbank in the form of  Japanese laws that could hinder the sale of renewable energy from the rice paddy solar farms to Japan’s electric companies.

Son defends his project saying that once the solar farm is built, the electric companies will have no need to buy power from the new solar farms. He is now requesting administrative bodies to aid the plans to amend the laws around energy purchase.

What do you feel about Son’s initiative?